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I am the spirit in the sky ;-) -Tattooist, illustrator,cover designer for books and music, circus decorator,creative workshops,t-shirt painting, doll making, creative communication in general, big and small decorations, recycling of all sorts of materials for creative use, a commited social interest and plenty of art related traveling...

Thursday, June 14, 2018


Friends, it's been awhile, but we are back, alive and kicking! Here is a small Expo in a nice soulful place... Cactus Club Javea! Hapiness, peace and good company <3
The Artists, Lucky the Traveling Dog and Isa Esasi
Two Lions shaking paws
Lucky has a little girl friend
Skully Party on the go <3
Bellezas Mama y Hija
Serious couple
Vibe and mood
Crivi and beautiful lady blues & swing
The happy beardy boys
Cactus crew, Nazarwala party
Bernard was there! My old love, pour toujours...
Tattoo Legends, more to come!

Las Chicas Bonitas
Happy Familia
My Susi & Juanito
My Mili & Mike
My homegirls from Alcalali, 10 years no see!
Lovely visiting couple from UK
The Nazarwala Witches
It's hot hot hot in the crowd
Cosey crew
What's he thinking under the leopard hat?
My forever girlfriends
Very well surrounded <3
Mon Jeannot
The Unicorn Family
The Handsomes

Sunday, May 3, 2015


 Portraits magiques, Famille de coeur,
Simples véritées, Voodoo de chez nous et Energies universelles.
Magic portraits, Famiy of heart, 
Simple truths, Homebrewn voodoo and Universal energy.
Retratos magicos, Familia de corazon,
Simples verdades, Voodoo casero y Energia universal.
Vieille sorcière et voyageuse de toute la vie.
Artiste Indiscipliné en tatouage, peinture, illustrations, grandes décorations
et petits machins en bois, entre autres.
Old witch and traveler of life.
Undisciplined tattoo-inkster, pain'ter, illustrator, big decorator
and manufacturer of small wooden thingthings, among others.
Vieja bruja viajera de toda la vida.
Artista indisciplinada en tatuajes, pintura, ilustraciones,  
grandes decoraciones y pequeñas cosas de madera, entre otros.
Du 1 er mai au 1 Juin 2015 au Marché Noir, 
(Librairie, disquaire et cafe associatif)
-Expo d'affiches par Isa es Asi- 
Reproductions disponibles en vente. 
From 1 May to 1 June 2015, at Black Market, 
(Associative cafe with record and bookshop)
- Art expo of posters by Isa es Asi- 
Reproductions available for purchase-
Del 1 de mayo al 1 de junio 2015 en el Mercado Negro,
(Librería, tienda de discos y cafetería asociativa)
 -Expo de carteles por Isa es Asi- 
Reproducciones disponible en venta.


Artist ISAesASI with Model and guest of honor BARTOLD
Monsieur Loki Lafleur
Doginspiration in the realms of rouge et Nouar
ISArtist & Lucky the Traveling Dog
Brothers & sisters singing songs 
of Protest and Revolution,
with Alchorale in the City of Mustard
Let the good times roll...
Red, Black & Dog vernissage on !st of May 2015 at the Black Market
Rouge fleure et vin,
Voyages en couleurs de coeur et paroles d'amour

Lilith can allways dance...
But the inner revolution is Here and Now.

Baron von Raskato, Bartolino pan y vino
and the All African team

Inspired by
Mana Wairua Master Artist,
Carver of destinies in wood, stone, skin, ink and spirit.
The Promise as witnessed by Torița in her Romanian Țigania
        & The Spirit of Light shines brighter than Gold 

Aperçu mosaïque des tirages en Vente
Mosaic preview of prints for Sale
Mosaico vista previa de los carteles en Venta
 Eleven different Poster 
reproductions to choose from:
1 Firewater
2 Rouge, fleur et chien 
3 Tangled up in times 
4 The promise 
5 Why die for Gold?

6 Kukri 
7 Elegua 
8 Saint Christophe 
9 Les Bienheureux 
10 The Prince of little Egypt 
11 King Blekksprut
Contact: isadesistar@gmail.com

Maferefun Eleguá

Eleguá honors us with special appearances...
Playful song and dance in the blessed rain.
Aguardiente para la buena gente.
Réverbère de la bonne étoile, Clé du destin joyeux. 

* * *

"Ante usted, Eleguá
Todos preguntamos
Tres toques le damos
Y usted nos responde de verdad

Ante usted, ante usted Eleguá
Todos saludamos
Las gracias le damos
Dulces y juguetes y algo más"

 Celia Cruz

Merci, ville moutarde!
Thank you, mustard city!
Gracias, ciudad mostaza!

Flash for sale!

Prints for sale!

For purchase, prices, postage etc 
Please take contact.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Missions, Customs & Commissions


It has been my great pleasure to make this poster for the legendary Tattoo Shop in Milano.
The Tattoo Shop opened it's doors in 1985.
Master Daniele Carlotti and I go way back in friendship.
From the times when my existence transpired in the cellar of a biker coffeeshop in the Amsterdam red light district. I was an apprentice there, at a formerly famous tattoo studio.
The boys from Italy used to visit Amsterdam to stock up on fresh Ink and other things typical of that city. We the Dutchies, in turn visited Italy to enjoy it's many beauties and charms.
And so the rivers of Ink merged Internationally.
As you can imagine, much of that ink has flown under the bridges since those faraway days.
We've become expert Sailors and Captains. We've learned all about the Ruin of Man and woman. We've become riders on the storms, surviving many a ship wreck.
We've been counting our blessings, assessing the damage, consulting the stars and tracing our courses. Also we've all lost dear ones to the Art-of-Ruin, some friends who never made it to safe shores, their youth sadly swallowed by early sailors graves.
Yet here we are! Ink, Art, Adventure Ruin and Heart. The mix that makes for these more-than-one-life-time kind of friendships and inspires us to create, be it on canvas, paper, skin or soul. Navigators on the Oceans of Ink, we are walking-talking universal masterpieces.
Life, art, creation and destruction mark our pleasures and our pains, our ruins and our gains.

 The Ruin of Hu-Man and Wo-Man

 The Ruin of Man and Woman

Recycling precious liquids

Camel through the eye of a needle...

Signed in Blood and Ink